PictoScanner 6x6 - dedicated to 6x6 film material, Small smart table scanner lets you digitize your 6x6 negatives and slides with a smartphone.
Scan and share with friends and family.

For 120 film 6x6 - work with black and white negative, color negative and slide positive film. Free app for scanning and image editing before saving and sharing.

This is how it works

Insert 2 AAA batteries in the battery holder.
Assemble the PictoScanner 6x6 as shown in the accompanying instructions.
Turn on the light. Place your smartphone and choose which material you want to scan.

Insert 6x6 film material, zoom in on smartphone and scan Image Editing in the app When the image has been scanned, you will automatically be taken to the editing program. Most images need to be edited before being used.

This happens in a simple interface on the downloaded app. Finally, you have the option to share and save the image before continuing to scan.

Pay attention to the following:
The quality of the scan depends on both your material and your smartphone. Avoid blurry scans by tapping the phone's screen to sharpen. Your smartphone must be able to focus at a distance of 8.5 cm with the default lens.

The size of scanned images depends on your Smartphone. Be aware of unwanted reflections in the film material as a result of external light sources.

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