Use your PictoScanner to make high end DSLR scan

We have been asked, by several customers, if we have any experience using the PictoScanner as a backlight and a DSLR camera as scanner.

The answer is yes, this is an easy and fast way to achieve a high end scan. Below is a setup that we find works really well.

The camera in this example is a Sony alpha 7r ii with a Sigma adapter, the lens is a Canon Macro lens EF 100 mm.

With ISO 100, PictoScanner provides light to give you aperture 4.5 and shutter speed 60.

PictoScanner is used as backlight. The camera is connected to the computer and the images are taken directly into my raw converter Capture One. 

By using the remote shutter you avoid shaking the camera.

Now the image must be changed from negative to positive.
Pull the Level curve to open and close vice versa, as shown in the picture below.
Now your picture is positive.

You can copy the adjustment and make it apply to all scanned images at once.

With this setup scan you get a picture that is 7832 x 5304 pixels and very sharp. 

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