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PictoScanner | 400 DKK | Tax +100 DKK | Shipping +50 DKK

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We have tested the PictoScanner on a large number of smartphones and have discovered that on some of these phones (iPhone 5S, iPhone SE and some Sony models), the distance between the phone and the film is not far enough for the PictoScanner to focus.

We have initially resolved the problem with a 9 mm extension which is put on PictoScanners legs.

Should you be one of the Affected please send an email and we return extensions for your PictoScanner.

On the pictures below you can see how the extensions work.


You need two extensions.                                                 The extensions sit tight on PictoScanners leg



How it must appears when they are placed correctly.  PictoScanner ready for use with 9 mm extension.

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